Selecting the right destination is a critical element in any travel programme – it sets the scene for your whole event.

To help you assess how well Corfu can fulfill your needs we have included some brief information here about the island.

Why Corfu

We have listed below what we think are the main reasons that make Corfu an excellent choice for you. It […]

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The stunning natural beauty of the Corfu countryside is characterized by lush green vegetation often leading down to crystal-clear, sparkling […]

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History & Heritage

What is it that makes Corfu’s 2800 years of history so special and unique? Perhaps the fact that the island […]

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Modern Corfu

Corfu Town was recently listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but whilst retaining its age-old traditions and preserving […]

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With frequent daily flights from the rest of Greece and Europe, Corfu is only 2-3 hours away from most major […]

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There are a host of fantastic sports activities available in Corfu. As an island there is naturally a strong emphasis […]

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The Corfiot cuisine is typically Mediterranean. Since ancient times, gastronomy in Greece has played a vital role in people’s lives, […]

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Corfu’s character has inevitably changed through the many centuries which have passed. However, what still remains the same from Homeric […]

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Homer’s Odyssey

Homer on Corfu Nature “Here are planted tall thriving trees – pears, pomegranates, apples with glistening fruit, sweet figs, rich […]

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Facts & Figures

Island length: 65 km Island width (average): 18 km Population (2011): 101,080 Currency: Euro GDP per capita (2012): 15.601 Euros […]

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“Here are planted tall thriving trees– pears, pomegranates, apples with...