Why Corfu

We have listed below what we think are the main reasons that make Corfu an excellent choice for you.

It is the combination of all these factors in one place that makes the island different and unique amongst thousands of destinations around the globe.


  • Easy Access

Only 2-3 hours flying time from most European cities. Regular ferry services to and from Italy. Conveniently located for Albania and mainland Greece as well as the nearby island of Paxos.

  • Nature

A natural delight with its unique combination of green countryside and crystal-clear seas.

  • History & Culture

2800 years of fascinating history – from ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine to Venetian and modern times.

  • Corfu Town

A masterpiece of architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • People

Hospitable by nature, with the legendary Greek spirit of philoxenia (hospitality).

  • Modern facilities

All the modern facilities and infrastructure necessary to ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment.


"Corfu Town: Universal Value in both its Authenticity and Integrity."