About us

Celebrating 33 Years as Destination Management Experts


Crystal Travel is a local Destination Management Company (DMC) and Incoming Travel Agency, based on Corfu and managed by its founder, George Doukas.

Back in 1985, when our journey started,  the idea of the ‘internet’ still seemed like science fiction. In the travel industry we relied on desktop telephones, fax and telexes…

We now fully utilize the latest technology, but only as a tool to do what we have always done over these last 33 years – serving our clients with our local knowledge and expertise on a personal level to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for all.


To help our valuable customers grow their businesses and succeed in their mission by delivering excellent travel services to their clients.


To connect leisure and business travellers with the culture, tradition, environment and, most importantly, people of Corfu and Greece in a deep and meaningful way.

About Us

Destination Management Experts since 1985