Modern Corfu

Corfu Town was recently listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but whilst retaining its age-old traditions and preserving its natural beauty, the island has also kept up with modern trends.

Amongst the 101,000 population English is widely spoken and signs are bilingual, in Greek and English, making life much easier for the visitor. With its low crime rate, the island also offers a safe and secure environment.

Modern 4 and 5 star hotels ensure that your stay is comfortable and provide all the facilities that travellers have come to expect throughout the world. A recently modernised casino is now also housed in one of these hotels in the town centre and the island also offers a lively night-life with a host of bars, cafes and night clubs.

As an island, there is naturally a strong emphasis on sea activities and the Gouvia Marina, which can take up to 960 boats, provides all the necessary facilities for the modern sailor.

Modern Corfu

Providing All the Facilities that You Have Come to Expect